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Sea And Ice in Ilulissat, Greenland

Mountains Rising From The Sea, Magnificent Montenegro

Celts, Salt and Skulls in Hallstatt, Austria

Scaling the Marmolada by Via Ferrata, Italy

Christmas Cheer in Milan, Italy

Riveting Rigoletto

Biked over today to check out the 2019 Bregenzer Festspiele stage presentation for Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Rigoletto. And it was pretty spectacular. Just the head of the clown alone weighs 30 tons and the helium balloon rises during the performance.

On The Trail Of Neanderthals

Neanderthals have gotten a bad rap in the popular press. The hairy and stupid early man clad in pelts while lugging a club and dragging his woman by her hair is an image people still conjure up. But Neanderthals are only beginning to get the respect that they deserve.

Ski Touring in the Dolomiti

The jagged peaks of the Dolomite mountains loomed on either side of the narrow gorge as we reached the end of the valley near San Vigilio di Marebbe in South Tyrol. The landscape looked right out of a Lord of the Rings film.
Freeriding The Arlberg, Again! 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