A Surfer’s Paradise, Encinitas, California, USA, 1-2019


Swami’s, D St., Grandview, Seaside, Ponto, 17th St. Huntington, 19th St. Newport, and of course good ole Trestles. Places near and dear to my heart. I took up surfing when I was about 12 and back in the 70’s there were few girls in the water and I was one of them. Back in the day I was a full fledged fanatic. All I could think of was when and where I could find the next wave roaming the coast in my bright yellow Honda CVC with surf and windsurfing boards atop. Surfing before and sailing after work I managed to amass quite a collection of unpaid parking tickets from surf spots up and down the California coast. That was until I got caught and the Seal Beach Police towed away my tiny transport with my beach towel in it. Then clad only in my bikini and carrying my board I had to walk into the busy Seal Beach Police Department to retrieve my car from the towing lot. I will never forget the embarrassment and stares of that visit! Today I promptly pay all my parking tickets. That time was only slightly matched when, again only in my bathing suit, I had to check in at the Scripps emergency room after suffering a concussion at Swami’s when a kook kicked out his long board at my head. Ahhh good times…The footage that my son and his lovely girlfiend caught on a recent visit to Encinitas captures the beauty of the sport and of one of the places that I have been lucky to call home. Footage courtesy of Jolly Schwarz Photography

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