Yoko Ono: This Room Moves At The Same Speed-Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland 4-2022

As the days on the Bodensee become warmer and the trees and flowers burst with vibrant color I always start to get a bit “antsy.” So when this took hold this past week I hopped on the train to Switzerland with a good friend to catch the Yoko Ono exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zurich titled This Room Moves At The Same Speed As The Clouds. I have long found Yoko Ono a compelling figure whose artistic talent has been overshadowed by her relationship with the ex-Beatle John Lennon. And the show certainly didn’t disappoint. Throughout her career her conceptual work has explored the pressing social and political issues of the day that exude a clear feminist viewpoint and brushed with a sense of humor. Her message of peace and love that was central to many of her pieces spoke to the turbulent times and is evident throughout the 60 works chosen that include sculpture, paper works, installations, performances, interactive stations, poetry, film and music. Ono’s work from yesterday until today stands the passage of time. Imagine that!