Kunsthaus Bregenz: The Otobong Nikanga Exhibition 2-2022

My favorite day of the week is Friday. And the Kunsthaus Bregenz likes it too, as the first Friday of every month is “Happy Friday” and admission is free. The latest exhibition until March 3, 2022 features the amazing work of the Nigerian born artist Otobong Nkanga. In her work she speaks to the “history of the elements of earth and water” and explores our relationship to water and how our survival on earth as we know it is reliant upon good ole’ H2O. Ms. Nkanga’s installations melds natural materials such as dead trees and dried up water sources along with her beautifully crafted textiles that “convey such a message in four vibrant, large scale tapestries depicting the entanglement between land and ocean. The woven works, hanging separately on each floor of the Kunsthaus Bregenz, renders the depths of the sea, the seasons, and climatic zones.” What a great beginning for the weekend. Happy Friday!