Gorgeous Georgia, 6-2015

Our first day and a city tour of beautiful Tbilisi.

We drive to the Kakheti region and learn how to bake bread and taste some wonderful Georgian wines.

We drive to the semi-desert at the Azerbaijani border and visit an ancient monastery.

We drive to the cave town of Vardzia and spend the night in an old Ottoman castle.

We visit the famous church in Mtskheta, then back in Tbilisi we look at 5000 year old jewelry and have a wonderful meal at the top of the city.

We drive along the Georgian military highway to the town of Stepantsminda on the Russian border in the high Caucasus.

Our last trip takes us to a famous church in Kutaisi, a beautiful cave and then to the Black Sea resort town of Batumi. Back in Tbilisi we celebrate our farewell with traditional dances.

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