Life starts at 66, Malbun, Liechtenstein, 1-2022

Happy 66th birthday to Franz! This year Franz wanted to do something he had never done before, and that was skiing in nearby Liechtenstein. The quaint resort chosen was in the town of Malbun that is high in the mountains above Vaduz. Three chairlifts take skiers up to the surrounding ridges with one hosting a comfy restaurant with a view looking down into the Nenzinger Himmel in Austria. His cousin and wife joined him for a relaxing day with very few people on the slopes. The peaceful valley seems as if time has forgotten it. The soundtrack for the video clip is by famed Austrian singer Udo Jürgens describing what he will do when he turns 66, as that is when life really begins! First he’s going to buy a new a motorcycle complete with leather dress, and then he will live it up! Sounds good!