Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein on a rainy December Day-Vaduz, Liechtenstein 12-2018

A rainy Sunday with gusts of Foehn winds that blew down from the Alps and brought lower temperatures into the Rhine Valley hmmm… what to do on such a blustery day? We had already seen the latest offerings in the Bregenz Museums so Franz and I set out to visit the Hilti Art Foundation in nearby Vaduz, Liechtenstein to see the Yuri Albert Elitist-Democratic Art exhibition. Hailed as “one of the most important exponents of the second generation of the Moscow Conceptualists” his work highlights “…the relationship between artwork and interpretation, image and text, visibility and invisibility, original and copy” and confronts the viewer to question whether art is “elitist or democratic?” What a creative way to brighten a gray day contemplating meaningful works of art.


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