Franz in the City, Vienna, Austria, 10-2015

A calmness settles over Vienna in autumn. The swarms of tourists have returned home and the locals receive a reprieve before the onslaught of winter winds blow in from the Puszta steppe. Franz and I had travelled to the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to attend the exhibition Transducing the City. My son and his colleague were showing their video installation Hidden Noise. It was a creative evening and following the opening enjoyed ourselves at a Viennese wine bar called Vinothek W-Einkehr. The wine selections were extensive and the company unsurpassed. The intimate bar exudes a distinct Viennese vibe that cannot be recreated anywhere else in the world. The following day our destination was one of my favorite spots in Vienna the bustling Naschmarkt (food market). This open air market has been operating near the same spot since 1780 and has grown from providing local fruits, vegetables, and meat products to offering an immense array of the finest imported products from throughout the world. It is the United Nations of open air food markets. And the vendors themselves reflect that with a diversity of nationalities represented at the exotic food stalls throughout the Naschmarkt. The fragrant spices, colorful displays, and savory aromas entice visitors from far away making this market a true foodie’s delight. Vienna is nourishing for artistic endeavors as well as for the appetite.

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