Meersburg Wine Festival, Meersburg, Germany, 9-2015

The brass band beats rocked the medieval Meersburg city center and the appreciative crowds clapped and danced to the rhythms of the familiar folk tunes. Lederhosen and dirndl clad young people merrily cheered to the autumn season with plenty of drink and song. Franz and I also indulged in the successful grape harvest and partook in imbibing the young wines of 2015. The October day was picture perfect and we had arrived via the ferry boat from Bregenz to visit the yearly Meersburg Wine Festival in Germany. We came to taste the best of the Bodensee regional wine offerings that included a Müller Thurgau, Rose, Prosecco, and our favorite a Baden Bodensee Spätburgunder. We paired our libations with yummy bacon wrapped dates, Flammkuchen (German pizza), and a finger lickin’ oxen sandwich. The ancient city is home to two castles that date to 630 and is aptly called “the castle on the sea” and is surrounded by the rich soils of the Bodensee that produce the famous wine grapes of the Weissherbst (white fall) that the region is known for. We enjoyed a great day spent groovin’ to the brass vibes and mingling with the locals. We’ll be back next autumn.

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