Quest for the Ultimate Gin & Tonic. Eqi Glacier, Greenland 9-2019

When one has a “yen” for a REALLY good gin & tonic some of us will go to great lengths to seek out the best ingredients to quench our thirst. Well, it was a little easier for us to gather the quality ingredients needed as we just happened to be in the land Sea & Ice in Ilulissat, Greenland where the necessary ingredients were readily available, but still required some effort. First one needs a high quality gin. And that is no easy feat. In Greenland there is a limit on the amount of liquor brought in and our quota had been filled with my bottles of Champagne and Prosecco. So it was left up to lady luck and boy were we lucky. Our soon to be friends in the neighboring house just so happened to pick up at the Ilulissat duty free shop a Roku Japanese Craft Gin made with a “perfect blend of Japanese nature & culture.” Check. Next, one needs tonic water that can be bought locally in a land where ribbons of glacial melt flow freely. Check. But the most important ingredient for us was the ice. And what better place to find ice than in Greenland. But one does not just make do with ice found randomly floating about in the fjords. We had to go to the source. And that source was found at the most active glacier in Greenland, at the mouth of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord. So after a fascinating glacial journey by boat about 3 1/2 hours (weather permitting), one arrives at the magnificent Eqi Glacier, or as the natives call it Eqip Sermia. And there my son fished out of the blue glacial waters the absolute perfect piece of 30,000 year old gleaming ice. And it was with this precious “gem” we were able to make the Ultimate 30,000 Year Old Gin & Tonic EVER! Cheers! 

Photos courtesy of the talented