Freeriding The Arlberg Once Again, Körbersee, Austria 3-2019

Vertical white mountain peaks glistened in the winter sun in the cloudless blue skies.The Arlberg Mountain beckoned us back again for a spring skiing extravaganza! There was tons of snow to be found and the perfect weather guaranteed another fantastic trip. My son and I stayed at the charming Körbersee Hotel right on the frozen lake of the same name located on the north-western edge of the “Lechtaler” Alps in Vorarlberg, Austria. The resort has recently been voted the best ski resort in the world and for us it certainly is. We were graced with optimal conditions and for free riding it doesn’t get any better.

Another day, another adventure. We were ready for day two of our Arlberg Freeriding trip. Our route took us around the Karhorn from Warth to Lech, then down the “Klemm” from the Zuger Hochlicht to Schröcken. It was a new and amazing experience for both of us with all kinds of conditions from freshly thawed corn snow in the first run to powder and steep bowls in the second. We skied until we had our fill, then headed back to the hotel for a well earned sauna and supper.…/der-beste-freeride-run-am…

Our Arlberg Freeride adventure continued the following day as we awoke once again to good weather conditions. The trail we chose was known for a priest who reportedly was the very first person to ski from Warth to Lech in 1894 after he read about skis in the newspaper. He ordered a pair from Scandinavia and apparently wanted to use the skis as a mode of transportation so he could “ski better and faster in the alpine terrain” and could more easily attend to his flock. Or maybe he just wanted them simply for the joy of skiing? Whatever his motivation was, we knew ours was to revel in another epic day. The snow had perfectly softened to a carpet by the early sun as we glided down into Lech. We took a break for the requisite beer in the Balmalp restaurant/bar that is “the peak of enjoyment at 2,100m.” and really is the quintessential example of Austrian après skiing. Instead of calling it a day, we just had to take one more run down to Schröcken and found some untouched powder bowls in the process. Three perfect spring skiing days like never before! Skiing in the Arlberg does not get any better. pfarrer-mueller-freeride


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