Freeriding The Arlberg, Again! Körbersee, 3-2019

The Arlberg Mountain is beckoning us again for a spring skiing extravaganza, tons of snow and perfect weather virtually guarantee another fantastic trip to the Körbersee at the north-western edged of this wonderful place, voted best ski resort in the world recently. And freeriding it was, exclusively!

Another day, another adventure. Day two of our Arlberg Freeriding trip. Around the Karhorn from Warth to Lech, then down the “Klemm” from the Zuger Hochlicht to Schröcken, a new and amazing experience for both of us. Freshly thawed corn snow in the first run, powder and steep bowls in the second.…/der-beste-freeride-run-am…

Our Arlberg Freeride adventure ended with yet another epic day. We followed the trail of a priest who was the very first person to ski from Warth to Lech in 1894 after he read about skis in the newspaper and ordered a pair in Scandinavia.
The snow was perfectly softened to a carpet by the early sun as we glided down to Lech. A beer in the Balmalp later we decided to take another run down to Schröcken, finding some other powder bowls in the process. Three perfect spring skiing days like never before!

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