The Sounds Of Summer, Schetteregg, Austria, 5-2016

The hills were alive once again with the sounds of buzzing bees, clanging cows, and running water. Wild alpine flowers were bursting with color and the fragrant scent mingled with the earthy cow paddies as Franz and I made our way up the Schetteregg mountain in the nearby Bregenzerwald. The summertime hiking season had begun. This day we explored the trails of the Schetteregg mountain that also has a cozy ski area in the winter. Our path was an easy hike and there was still snow in the higher elevations and we detected on the mountain side  a small avalanche that had recently happened. As we descended we were drawn to a small mountain hut with brass band tunes that had wafted down our path and came upon a group of young men celebrating a bachelor party complete with barbecue, traditional Austrian attire and music. What a great idea. We enjoyed a lunch of alpine cheese, hearty bread, and song.  It was just another happy day in the mountains.

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