Impressive Pouring of Spanish Cider, Cudillero, Spain 8-2017

The culture of cider or sidra in Northern Spain was not something I was really aware of. Spanish wine and cavas I know and enjoy drinking very much. I first tried the cloudy apple cider during a trip to the Basque Country, where they called it sagardoa, and then again in the Asturias region where they called it sidra. Cider has a long tradition in Spain and festivities and events accompany the fresh cider from the season such as the Nava Cider Festival in Asturias. My husband really likes it but for me the tangy fermented drink is an acquired taste. What I really enjoyed is the presentation at the local siderías, bars where the sidra is poured at a distance from the glass to allow for bubbling, thus bringing out the full flavor of the amber liquid. By far the best was in the picturesque seaside fishing port of Cudillero in Asturias at the Sidreria El Remo Restaurant. Impressive!