Solitude on the Hoher Freschen, Vorarlberg, Austria, 3-2016

The recent snowstorms prepared a winter wonderland for a pristine ski tour. My friend Kurt and I fetched our skis and skinned it up to the top of the Hoher Freschen, a picturesque mountain high above the Rhine Valley. Our route began at the bottom of the Laterns ski area and  we trekked up 2000 vertical feet to the Nobspitze just above the top of the highest ski lift.


From the peak in the far distance we could see our destination. After removing our skins we skied down to a lower plateau where our final ascent began. The valley was completely silent and we were the only skiers on the entire mountain and I cherished the solitude of the amazing surroundings. Climbing for two more hours we finally reached the top and it felt like we were much closer to a higher power perched at the edge of the snowy cliffs. Taking in the view and a snack we bundled up and headed back down to the bustle of the ski area. On my way back home these peaceful images were still embedded in my mind.

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