Cross Country Skiing In The Neighborhood, The Bodensee Region Austria & Germany, 1- 2016

It’s a beautiful day in the skiing neighborhood
A beautiful day in the neighborhood
Will it be mine?
Could it be mine?

Lindenberg, Germany

It’s a beautiful day in the Bodensee neighborhood and perfect for cross country skiing. Within thirty minutes from Bregenz we have access to numerous cross country trails in nearby Germany in the Schwabian Allgäu region. A favorite trail is in village of Lindenberg and during the week there are relatively few people and the tracks run through both high moor and forested prealpine areas. After skiing there are several nearby restaurants that serve up hearty Allgäu cuisine such as regional meats and bread dumplings, Kässpätzle, a type of dumpling topped with alpine cheese and crispy onions, and Maultaschen similar to a ravioli stuffed with a variety of fillings. A favorite lunch choice is the Gasthof Pension Hirsch in Scheffau and for cake and coffee the timeless Gasthof Löwen in Offenbach is run by a friendly couple who serve up an assortment of the BEST cakes ever! The cherry black forest cake is to die for. It is a must when visiting the region.

Sulzberg, Austria

The quaint village of Sulzberg, Austria is another favorite cross country destination in our Bodensee neighborhood. Located about 20 minutes from Bregenz it is home to a Nordic Sports Park complete with kilometers of training trails, competition tracks, and panoramic trails. The Salzburg Ski Club makes this their home and the tracks are meticulously maintained. As for after skiing sweets, the local Gasthof Alpenblick makes Franz’s favorite dessert the not so politically correct Moor im Hemd which is a speciality chocolate cake made with almonds in a water bath. Really yummy!

Below is the making of an authentic Moor im Hemd made by Franz’s dear Aunt Ursula.

Bürserberg / Brandnertal, Austria

The snow glistened in the February morning sun and the air was warm due to the Föhn winds that blew from the South across the Alps and brought spring-like conditions to Bürserberg in the Brandnertal ski area. Franz and I were blessed with clear skies and the view from the high plateau Tschengla was spectacular. We had received fresh snow the night before so the 20 kilometers of cross country trails were well groomed and were waiting for us lucky skiers. The Rona Panoramaloipen on the plateau was created for the European Youth Olympics in 2015 and it now consists of three shorter trails and is simply breathtaking. The trail loops around ancient stone monuments that were constructed on “vein stars” that formed neolithic stone circles where the early astronomers observed the movement of the night sky. The site was also used as a calendar and a ritual site with the stones believed to host powerful energy fields and were of significance to the ancients.

Kleinwalsertal, Austria

The loud clanking of bells from the harness of a pair of strong mountain horses as they pulled a sled along the wintery landscape of the Kleinwalsertal fit the alpine scenery perfectly. Franz and I had come to this lovely valley to spend a few days cross country skiing. We had been here several times for downhill skiing and hiking, but this time we had come specifically to cross country ski. The area has three main trails covering about 50 kilometers from flat to vertical depending upon your level of expertise and they are very well maintained. The first day we explored the Steinbock trail an, easy to medium track beginning in Mittelberg with Franz completing the entire loop of about 15 km. The second day we began in Hirschegg Au on the Küren-Wäldele-Egg trail that is considered a medium to difficult run with Franz finishing about 7 km of the loop. Both trails ran through picture perfect terrain and it was balm for the soul.

We had booked the last available lodging in the entire valley and were lucky to have found a place in Hirschegg at the Apartments Hilbrand. The studio was charming and the host friendly. We also enjoyed a memorable meal at Haller’s Hotel Restaurant and the cuisine lived up to its stellar reputation. All in all we had a wonderful weekend and we are sure to visit this enchanting valley again and again.

It was a beautiful day in the skiing neighborhood…

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