Bödele, Austria 11-2013

Bödele-Schwarzenberg (700-1,460m) is a small ski area complete with nostalgic alpine ski huts in the Vorarlberg state of Austria. It’s a wonderful place for a day’s ski excursion for both downhill, cross country skiing, ski touring, or snowshoeing. Its location is at the beginning of the charming Bregenzerwald Valley which is world famous for its award winning alpine cheese, characteristic wooden farm houses, distinctive dialect, and strong cultural farming traditions. Its setting is nothing short of breathtaking. The resort looks down into the Rhine Valley and one can view the Swiss, German, and Austrian lands that lay below. The alpine village of Schwarzenberg is located not too far from the ski area. It is famous for its cheese and schnaps festival. But its real claim to fame is its long autumn tradition of the farmers in full regional dress bringing down their cow herds from the cheese making alm huts and parading them through the old streets. The cows are brightly adorned with bells and flower wreaths and the cow that has given the most milk during the summer is especially decorated and is given much applause by the appreciative tourists that line the streets. This cultural tradition is representative of the Austrian mountain life and a highlight for any tourist. In addition, the city of Dornbirn with its numerous cultural offerings can be found within a short drive from the mountain as well.


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